Covering the Verizon Strike: Are the Bosses Telling the Truth?

Labor disputes are often about compensation– salary and/or benefits. Management claims its employees are actually doing just fine, workers say otherwise. 45,000 Verizon workers are on strike on the East Coast over salary, pension and health benefits and collective bargaining rights. One would hope that reporters would try to referee such disputes over compensation. In the New York Times, Steven Greenhouse prints the claims side by side. Yesterday: Verizon called its unionized employees well paid, saying that many field technicians earn more than $100,000 a year, including overtime, with an additional $50,000 in benefits. But union officials say that the […]


‘Net in Your Pocket’ Yields to AT&T’s ‘Digital Impasse’

Admitting “the temptation to join the growing legions of iPhone admirers is strong,” independent reporter Megan Tady (In These Times, 7/2/09) is discussing “what’s stopping me from signing up.” Her own personal decision is based on the fact that “purchasing an iPhone means I have to become an AT&T subscriber. The company has an exclusive deal with Apple to provide wireless service to iPhoners”–which means, among other things, that Tady would be “backed into a corner. If I don’t like AT&T, or it’s not available in my area, I’m facing a digital impasse: no service, no phone”: This is unfortunate, […]