NYT Investigation: Union Leader NOT Satanic Beast

Readers of Saturday’s New York Times may have noticed thisthis piece (10/16/10): Despite Image, Union Leader Backs School Change By TRIP GABRIEL In “Waiting for Superman,” the new education documentary, the union leader Randi Weingarten is portrayed, in the words of Variety, as “a foaming satanic beast.” At a two-day education summit hosted by NBC News recently, the lopsided panels often featured Ms. Weingarten on one side, facing a murderer’s row of charter school founders and urban superintendents. Even Tom Brokaw piled on. The article actually doesa pretty good of explaining how Weingarten and others in the union movement have, […]


Unsurprising Raves for ‘Waiting for Superman’–a Big-Screen Version of Media’s Education Spin

The media accolades that have greeted the new documentary Waiting for Superman confirm what FAIR documented in the September issue of Extra!–that the corporate media debate over education “reform” is heavily tilted in the direction of those who bash teachers’ unions, cheer the White House’s Race to the Top grants and charter schools, and lionize “reformers” like D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee. Dana Goldstein’s review of the film in the Nation (9/23/10) is worth reading. As she puts it right at the beginning: Here’s what you see in Waiting for Superman, the new documentary that celebrates the charter school movement […]