Apple’s ABC Friends Get China Exclusive

With all the recent critical attention to Apple’s manufacturing policies, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the company decided to push back.One way Apple might do this is by granting an “exclusive” to a media outlet that might put out a different kind of story than the one that people have encountered via the New York Times (1/25/12) or This American Life (1/6/12). So here we have the news that ABC has been granted “exclusive” access to the massive Foxconn facility that has been at epicenter of the controversy over Apple’s labor practices. Why ABC? Forbes contributor […]


The Embarrassing Corrections of the NYT’s Newest Op-Ed Columnist

New York Times business columnist Joe Nocera is being promoted to the Times‘ op-ed page, where he’ll appear twice weekly. Regular FAIR Blog readers may recall Nocera as the star of this item (7/1/10): On Saturday (6/26/10), Times business columnist Joe Nocera argued against a proposed moratorium on deepwater drilling. One of his main points was that deepwater drilling–except for, you know, that current problem in the Gulf of Mexico–is remarkably clean, and that other drilling methods were worse: Which also leads to a great irony: importing more oil via tankers will actually create more risk, not less. Between 1964 […]