What Would Steve Jobs Do?

On the Meet the Press roundtable on Sunday (10/30/11), talk turned to Steve Jobs. And, as one might expect from the avalanche of hero worship that accompanied news of his death, the chatter concerned how we might all one day live up to Jobs’ legacy. Here’s host David Gregory, speaking to Tom Brokaw: Tom, it’s interesting, author and journalist Jeff Greenfield tweeted recently about Steve Jobs the following: “Imagine a Steve Jobs in the auto industry, in healthcare, in energy, even in government. We’d have a different country.” We know from Walter Isaacson‘s biography that Jobs had some pretty strong […]


CNN’s Full Scope of Journalistic ‘Genius’

The Daily Howler‘s Bob Somerby has a look (4/27/09) at how Newsweek bigshot Fareed Zakaria “pandered and fawned in dragging out yesterday’s panel” on his CNN show Zakaria: As I was thinking about the smartest people I could gather to talk about the first stage of Barack Obamaâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s presidency, I thought of that wonderful quotation from Oscar Wilde: “Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it.” So today, I’ll be talking with a panel of geniuses. Each of them has books and accomplishments too numerous to mention. I’ll talk about a few. The others will […]


Walter Isaacson’s Plan to Save Newspapers

Walter Isaacson’s Time cover story (“Howto Save Your Newspaper”) finds the magazine’s former editor offering advice for the ailing corporate media. As he (and others in the business) see it, the problem is that newsis now being consumed onlinefor free, which of course makes it difficult to turn a profit (or, more to the point, the kind of profit expected by Wall Street investors). And internet content is supported almost entirelyby advertising revenue, which Isaacson sees a potentially dangerous path: Henry Luce, a co-founder of TIME, disdained the notion of giveaway publications that relied solely on ad revenue. He called […]