NBC and the Hunt for War Criminals

According to a report in the New York Times (2/11/09), NBC is launching a new series to track down and expose war criminals. The network’s planhas attracted some criticism from U.S. officials and human rights experts, who are concerned that the network’s journalists might be publicizing false accusations against the suspects they’re “confronting” on the air. (The show sounds eerily similar to the network’s To Catch a Predator series, whichpurported to bustsexual predators.) The first suspect is apparently Leopold Munyakazi, a visiting professor at a Maryland college who has been accused by Rwandan authorities of participating in the 1994 genocide […]


Bob Kerrey, New School’s ‘Moderate’ War Criminal

With Bob Kerrey back in the news (New York Times, 12/11/08) as the faculty of the New School University that he heads gives him a vote of no confidence, it’s worth recalling the kid-glove treatment given to him by most of the media when his involvement in Vietnam-era war crimes was revealed (Extra!, 7-8/01). Oddly, New York Times reporters Marc Santora and Lisa Foderaro, who wrote about the New School vote, don’t seem to recall that Kerrey participated in a massacre of Vietnamese civilians–an atrocity that caused considerable controversy when it was exposed by the New York Times Magazine (4/25/01)–when […]