Tea Party News Proves MSM Still ‘Wired for the GOP’

In citing how Talking Points Memo creator Josh Marshall “has talked many times about the ways in which the Washington establishment is ‘wired for the GOP,’” Steve Benen (Political Animal, 9/13/09) notes that “the Washington Post offers a helpful example today”–as posted on Media Matters: “Behold the media’s glaring double standard. Today, the Post puts the ‘tens of thousands’ of Obama-hating tea bagger protesters on A1; makes it the lead story as a matter of fact.” Compare and contrast. And just so there’s no doubt in people’s mind, the blanket coverage the mini-mobs are lapping up (i.e., the mobs are […]


AP Adds $500 Billion to Healthcare Costs

Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal blogger Steve Benen (7/16/09) has observed that on July 15, “the Associated Press reported that the House Democratic healthcare plan cost ‘$1.5 trillion,’” and “by the afternoon, the AP reporting didn’t attribute the price tag to anyone; it just stated the figure as fact.” Even though “the day before the AP blasted the $1.5 trillion figure to the world, the Congressional Budget Office pointed to a roughly $1 trillion cost over 10 years,” Benen notes how “the AP not only went with the much higher figure, it made no reference to the CBO score.” Considering this, […]