Bizarre Record of Fox’s Rape-to-Be-Expected Pundit

Liz Trotta, a Fox News contributor and former Washington Times editor, drew attention this week (2/12/12) when she suggested that women serving in the U.S. military should expect to be sexually assaulted by their male counterparts: But while all of this is going on, just a few weeks ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta commented on a new Pentagon report on sexual abuse in the military. I think they have actually discovered there is a difference between men and women. And the sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64 percent increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, […]


New Frontiers in Journalism

Washington Times, the paper of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, has announced it will be going to free distribution and laying off at least 40 percent of its staff. Which positions won’t make the cut? Well, one that’s been mentioned is that of editor. That’s right; former editor John Solomon resigned last month after less than a year at the Times, and the company’s new president and publisher, Jonathan Slevin, told the Washington Post that “there is no search for a Solomon successor and that his job may not be filled under a reorganization.” Who, exactly, will be in […]


The Right’s Echo Chamber Reverberates on ‘Reliable Sources’

Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz (5/3/09) seemed startled when the New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza argued that “just because Bush or some previous president didn’t garner as much coverage as Michelle and Barack Obama did doesn’t tell you anything about press bias one way or another.” “Are you kidding?” Kurtz exclaimed. He didn’t express any similar surprise when CNN in-house conservative Amy Holmes came up with this “little-known fact”: The Washington Times reported this last week…. Actually, at this point in his presidency, Barack Obama is the fourth least popular of the past five presidents. You wouldn’t know that from the […]


Big Media vs. Enfranchisement

Anthony DiMaggio finds (ZNet, 10/19/08) “the massive attention surrounding ACORN” as much evidence of “media racism as it is their class prejudice”: In danger of losing its eight year hold on the Presidency, the Republican Party has become increasingly desperate in its attacks on poor and minority groups, who have registered in increasingly large numbers this election year. The attacks on ACORN must be understood within the context of this enfranchisement of dispossessed groups…. Media discussions of ACORN have predictably followed the talking points issued by Republican Party leaders to Fox News and right-wing radio…. The uniformity of conservative attacks […]