Jeffrey Goldberg Pushes for War With Iraq–er, Make That Iran

Former Israeli soldier and current writer for the Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg has a long cover story (9/10) on the “better than 50 percent chance” that Israel will launch air strikes against Iran by next July, with the aim of taking out the alleged nuclear threat from the Islamic Republic. Based on roughly 40 interviews with American, Arab and Israeli officials–some of them anonymously–Goldberg meanders from describing the worst-case scenario for what will happen after Israel attacks Iran to relaying dubious Israeli claims about how Iran is the new Nazi Germany to an analysis of Netanyahu’s relationship with his right-wing 100-year-old […]


Brookings Institution: ‘Liberal,’ Centrist… or Extremist?

Poking holes in the Brookings Institution’s “preening conceit”–“they bequeath their website with an ‘.edu’ suffix… They are ‘scholars.’ Just ask them and they’ll tell you“–Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald (5/26/09, ad-viewing required) quotes one blogger fundamentally debunking Brookings mainstay William Glaberson‘s May 22 New York Times contention that, as U.S. president, Barack Obama “has sworn an oath to protect the country”: “Barack Obama did not swear an oath to ‘protect the country.’ He swore an oath to protect the principles upon which the country was founded and the document in which those principles are enshrined.” Looking more broadly at “Beltway world,” in […]


More Calls to Bomb (Any) Somalians

Taking the brave position (, 4/20/09) that the National Review Online is so bad that it makes William F. Buckley‘s print version look “semi-respectable” by comparison, former U.S. Navy Commander Jeff Huber writes that in his April 11 NRO post, “military historian and former classics professor Victor Davis Hanson comes across like a rabid war mongrel”: Frothing over the recent Somali pirate caper involving a U.S. flagged merchant ship, Davis insists that, “To end Somali piracy, disproportionate measures against the shore should be taken–for every one pirate assault, a lethal air assault should immediately follow.” It’s perhaps understandable that Hanson […]