GOP’s Small Business Tax Talking Point


Of all the arguments Republicans offer to maintain Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, one stands out: The tax increase would be a blow to small business owners. This is misleading–but you can’t count on media to get this right. The CBS Evening News had a segment last night (11/29/12) taking a look at the issue. On its face, there’s not much support for the Republican position:  About 2.5 percent of small business owners–a somewhat loosely defined group–would see a tax hike on income above $250,000  (Tax Policy Center, 8/5/10).  This is straightforward; so how do you make it less […]


CBS Factchecks Romney’s Tax Plan: Maybe, Who Knows?


Mitt Romney has a multi-trillion dollar tax cut plan that he says won’t add to the deficit. How does that work? He won’t say, other than to pledge that he’d close some loopholes and deductions, but that none of those would harm “middle-class” Americans. Analysts have argued that this is not mathematically possible. So how do you factcheck that? That was the task for CBS Evening News last night (10/15/12). And their answer seemed to boil down to: Well, maybe. CBS reporter Wyatt Andrews explained: “Romney argues that lower rates will stimulate the economy and he is emphatic the middle-class […]