Aug 8 2008

Adam Serwer on Obama and race, Eric Boehlert on TV diversity study


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This week on CounterSpin: Playing the race card. John McCain expressed outrage after Barack Obama suggested his critics would use his race to dismiss his candidacy. Much of the media conversation about the back-and-forth seemed to support McCain’s claim that he was the victim. What does all of this say about the kind of discussion we’re having about race and the election? Adam Serwer of the American Prospect will join us to share his thoughts.

Also on CounterSpin: A new study of primetime cable TV news shows finds an ‘abysmal’ record of gender and ethnic diversity. The narrow line-up, say the study’s authors, sends the not-so-hidden message that only white men are credible enough to be interviewed. We’ll hear from Paul Waldman from the group Media Matters for America on that research.


“Obama’s Racial Catch-22,” by Adam Serwer (American Prospect, 8/4/08)

— Eric Boehlert’s Media Matters columns