Feb 4 2011

Adil Shamoo on Egypt, Fawaz Gerges on Muslim Brotherhood


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This week on CounterSpin: The massive uprising in Egypt has been covered as a story of violent clashes and an awakening on the so-called ‘Arab Street.’ As we record this program, some pro-Mubarak forces are attacking journalists. Plenty of U.S. coverage focuses on the U.S. foreign policy position—with plenty of euphemisms about a ‘tightrope’ and ‘delicate balance’ for a U.S. government that has propped up the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak for three decades. We’ll talk about that with Adil Shamoo

Also on CounterSpin today: It’s an obsession for Fox News Channel, and an area of concern for other media outlets: what would happen if the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egpyt? Readers and viewers are told the group gave birth to Al Qaeda, and could very well run Egpyt just like Hamas runs the Gaza Strip. But these suggestions seem to badly misread the group’s current political stance. We’ll sort fact from fiction about the Muslim Brotherhood with professor Fawaz Gerges.


–“On the Wrong Side of History in the Middle East,” by Adil Shamoo (FPIF, 1/31/11)

Fawaz Gerges