Jul 25 2014

Alex Kane on US Weapons in Gaza; Jamie Kalven on Police Abuse Records

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Israeli F16s (photo: Kevin J. Gruenwald/USAF)

Israeli air force flying the US-made F16 fighter jet (photo: Kevin J. Gruenwald/USAF)

This week on CounterSpin: The US press are reporting on Palestinians in Gaza getting their relatively meager weapons from Iran and other odious sources, but almost nothing on where Israel gets its far more sophisticated and deadly ones–a more germane conversation for a US audience. We’ll talk with journalist Alex Kane of Mondoweiss and AlterNet about this and other aspects of the US role in the Gaza conflict.

Chicago arrest (cc photo: Matt Novak)

Chicago police officer arresting an African-American youth (cc photo: Matt Novak)

Also on the show: The horrific death of New York man Eric Garner at the hands of police officers adds more fuel to debate over police practices, especially in poor communities of color. A recent legal victory in Chicago could help add information to a conversation too often defined by rhetoric and posturing. Chicago journalist and activist Jamie Kalven is at the center of that story; he’ll join us to talk about it.



–“Four Ways America Is Complicit in Israel’s War Crimes,” by Alex Kane (AlterNet, 7/21/14)

–“How an Activist Journalist’s Commitment to a Poor Chicago Community Led to a Big FOIA Win,” by Rui Kaneya (CJR, 7/22/14)