Jan 9 2009

Ali Abunimah on Gaza, A.C. Thompson on Katrina’s Hidden Race War


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This week on CounterSpin: The carnage in Gaza has provoked international outrage among many journalists outside the U.S., but journalists in the U.S. are largely holding on to a storyline that says that Israel is merely defending itself after Hamas broke a ceasefire. We’ll talk to Ali Abunimah of ElectronicIntifada.net, for another view of the story.

Also on CounterSpin today, a remarkable investigation into post-Katrina racist violence in New Orleans didn’t get the mainstream media attention it deserved, but it’s made its way around the web—and has forced local authorities to react. Pro Publica reporter A.C. Thompson will join us to talk about his Nation magazine report, “Katrina’s Hidden Race War,” and what he makes of the media’s track record on this issue.


Electronic Intifada‘s Role of the Media webpage

Katrina’s Hidden Race War, by A.C. Thompson (Nation, 12/17/08)