Jun 22 2007

Ali Abunimah on Gaza, Céline Nahory on Iraq


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This week on CounterSpin: the struggle for the Gaza Strip. With U.S.-backed Fatah more or less removed from power by Hamas, media are asking some familiar questions: do Palestinians really want peace, can they be trusted with democracy, and does the United States have any “good options” left? What are we not hearing about the conflict, and the U.S. role in it? We’ll hear from author and activist Ali Abunimah.

Also this week: a new report from the Global Policy Forum looks at a number of impacts on Iraq of the U.S.-led coalition’s war and occupation. What’s different about the report—and perhaps why U.S. media are thus far ignoring—has to do with who the authors name as having primary responsibility for the violence, displacement and destruction. We’ll talk to report co-author Céline Nahory of the Global Policy Forum.


In Search of Justice in the Middle East: ‘3-State Solution’ Is No Path to Peace, by Ali Abunimah (Chicago Tribune, 6/21/07)

War and Occupation in Iraq, by James Paul & Céline Nahory (Global Policy Forum, 6/07)