Feb 10 2006

Ali Abunimah on Muhammad cartoons, David Swanson on White House memo

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This week on CounterSpin: Unflattering and offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that appeared in a Danish newspaper have set off protests around the world. Pundits seem eager to portray the story as the familiar “clash of civilizations,” but what else is going on here? We’ll ask Ali Abunimah of the website Electronic Intifada.

Also this week: According to the February 3rd London Guardian, a memo has emerged revealing that George Bush intended to invade Iraq regardless of UN support or if UN inspectors found banned weapons there. It also shows Tony Blair supported these Bush plans. You might not know about all this because the US press hasn’t given it much coverage. We’ll talk to David Swanson of AfterDowningStreet.org and Democrats.com about the new memo.