Apr 23 2004

Ali Abunimah on Sharon’s plan, Jason Vest on Iraq occupation

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It was big news when George Bush endorsed Ariel Sharon’s plan to permanently annex large parts of the Palestinian West Bank, refuse Palestinians the right of return, and pledge to withdraw from Israeli settlements in Gaza. However, this week’s guest, Ali Abunimah of the website Electronic Intifada, says the Sharon plan and the US support of it represents little change, and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

Also this week: You often hear the allegation that the media are too pessimistic about the Iraq occupation. But a new report by journalist Jason Vest suggests that some of the strongest criticism of the post-war situation is coming from inside the Coalition Provisional Authority. Vest got his hands on an internal review, and he’ll join CounterSpin to tell us all about it.
Why all the fuss about the Bush-Sharon meeting?, by Ali Abunimah.
“Fables of the Reconstruction”, by Jason Vest.