Allison Kilkenny on Occupy Wall Street, Moshe Adler on U.S. Postal Service


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This week on CounterSpin: Yes, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations aren't being covered much in the corporate media. But then when papers like the New York Times come down to take a look, one might wish they hadn't. We'll talk to Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio about the quality and quantity of media coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

Also on the show: "We all know why the Postal Service is hemorrhaging cash," says the Chicago Tribune. Corporate media are clear on the causes of the Post Office's financial crisis: no one sends mail since the internet, and postal workers get too much money. If you suspect there's a flaw in that theory, you're on to something. We'll talk about what’s going on at the Post Office with Moshe Adler, economics professor at Columbia University and Empire State College.


--Allison Kilkenny

--"Targeting the Post Office," by Moshe Adler

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