Mar 10 2006

Amitabh Pal on India, Eric Deggans on Hurricane Katrina

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George W. Bush traveled to India to secure a deal that would allow that country to develop its nuclear industry—all the while telling countries like Iran that there’s no room to negotiate when it comes to their nuclear plans. How did the press handle the double standard? And what did we learn—and not learn—about India? We’ll talk to Amitabh Pal of the Progressive magazine about all of that.

Also this week: Remember the national conversation about institutional racism and class bias we were going to have, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the inequities it exposed? Right. Seems like it didn’t really happen, despite what some journalists were calling its urgency. What’s journalists’ explanation for that? We’ll hear from Eric Deggans, media critic at the St. Petersburg Times.


India, U.S. Engage in Cynical Nuclear Bargain, by Amitabh Pal (Progressive, 2/28/06)

Eric Deggans at the St. Petersburg Times