Oct 22 2004

Anne-Marie Cusac on voting rights, Dave Lindorff on the military draft

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The election is less than two weeks away. But while media watch the candidates, who’s watching the process? Allegations of voter intimidation and suppression are popping up all over– but are the press shining a light on them or sweeping them under the rug? We’ll hear from investigative reporter Anne-Marie Cusac of The Progressive magazine.

Also on the show: Bush denies any possibility of a new military draft, while Kerry says there is great potential for a draft. But the draft questions didn’t spring up out of thin air. We’ll talk to journalist David Lindorff, whose story Oiling Up the Draft Machine has just won a Project Censored award.


Bullies at the Voting Booth, by Anne-Marie Cusac (The Progressive, October 2004)

Oiling up the draft machine?, by Dave Lindorff (Salon.com, 11/3/03)