Jun 30 2006

Anthony Riddle on telecom update, Nat Parry on Bush

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This week on CounterSpin: media policy watchers were focused on the Senate Commerce Committee this week, where dozens of amendments to a major telecom bill were debated. With things like net neutrality and cable access TV hanging in the balance, how did things play out? And what’s next? We’ll get an update from Anthony Riddle of the Alliance for Community Media.

Also on CounterSpin today, The Bush White House’s expansive view of its own power coupled with it obsessive secrecy and control of government information makes for a dangerous combination. Nat Parry has reported extensively on these administration obsessions for Consortiumnews.com, he will join us to talk about his report, “Washington’s Orwellian Consensus.”


Alliance for Community Media

Washington’s Orwellian Consensus, by Nat Parry (Consortium News, 6/2/06)