Aug 26 2005

Antonia Juhasz on Iraq constitution, Brian Komar on Darfur TV ads

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This week on CounterSpin: Reporting on the drafting of the Iraqi constitution has included critical concerns over the role of Islamic law, the rights of women, the disposition of the Kurdish region and the inclusion of the Sunni minority. But the coverage has missed something just as important, says our guest: Iraq‘s U.S.-imposed economic structure. Antonia Juhasz, a scholar with Foreign Policy in Focus will join us to talk about Bush’s other Iraq invasion.

Also on the program: they say the biggest sacred cow of the press is the press itself, and that would seem to be the lesson of the effort to get TV networks to air an ad that’s critical of their own coverage of the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. We’ll hear from Brian Komar of the Center for American Progress, about what’s in the ad the networks don’t want you to see.


L.A. Times: Bush’s economic invasion of Iraq (8/14/05) by Antonia Juhasz, producers of the rejected Darfur TV ad.