Oct 6 2006

Arianna Huffington on Woodward’s ‘State of Denial,’ Sarah Anderson on Wal-Mart’s pundits

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This week on CounterSpin: Veteran reporter Bob Woodward has spent much of the last two weeks on television touting his new book State of Denial, which faults the Bush White House for lying and incompetence over the Iraq War. But our guest faults Woodward for being late-to-the-party and says his new book is just an attempt to salvage his reputation. We’ll talk to Arianna Huffington of Huffingtonpost.com.

Also on the show: It isn’t that you never see stories including criticism of retailing giant Wal-Mart, but those do tend to be here and there, while routine economic coverage is generally full of little besides applause. We’ll hear from Sarah Anderson of the Institute of Policy Studies about the fallacy of corporate media’s embrace of the biggest big box.


Woodward as Journalistic Hero: The Real State of Denial, by Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post, 10/2/06)

Ten Reasons Why the Wal-Mart Pundits Are Wrong, by John Cavanagh & Sarah Anderson (Nation.com, 9/29/06)

Institute of Policy Studies