Mar 25 2011

Asli Bali on Libya, Alia Malek on US Muslim prisons


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This week on CounterSpin: The U.S.’s sudden military involvement in Libya raises many questions that have not been answered by officials who’ve plunged the country into a war they say is to protect civilians, or even asked by many journalists who have been too busy cheering to ask them. Questions like how certain are we that going war will be better for Libyan civilians than the threat they faced from Libyan dictator Muammar el-Gadhafi? And what solutions short of war were sought? We’ll be joined by UCLA law professor Asli Bali.

Also on the show: the seemingly unending ‘war on terror’ has a domestic front we ignore at our peril; it includes things like secret prisons, in the US, where inmates are kept under severe communications restrictions, and oh yes, they’re mainly Muslim. What’s that? We’ll hear from author Alia Malek, who reported the story called Gitmo in the Heartland for the Nation magazine.


–“Gitmo in the Heartland,” by Alia Malek (The Nation, 3/28/11)