Nov 7 2008

Bernie Horn on election mandate, Billy Bragg on art and activism


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This week on CounterSpin: Media are naturally enough busy trying to draw meaning from the results of the 2008 election that brought Barack Obama to the presidency. One emerging line is notable: That the victory of the African American Democrat either doesn’t change or actually confirms that the United States is a “center-right” nation politically. Same goes for Congress, where we’re told Democrats won by acting like Republicans. It’s unclear if this narrative is going to take hold; meanwhile we’ll get a different view from Bernie Horn, from the Campaign for America’s Future.

Also on CounterSpin today, what do American politics look like to singer and activist Billy Bragg? He was on tour in the United States during the presidential campaign, and we caught up with him a few days before the election to get his thoughts.


Campaign for America’s Future