Dec 31 2004

Best of CounterSpin 2004

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On this special CounterSpin program we’ll take a look back at some of the stories of the past year, hearing from just some of the range of journalists, activists, researchers and critics that joined us on the program, to help us decipher those stories, as well as to talk about the way those stories were covered and what that said about journalism.

The continued violent occupation of Iraq, despite what was called a “handover of power” in June, is so dangerous to cover that many journalists never seem to leave the Green Zone, yet the Bush White House continued to pressure media to spin it all as a Good News story. Then there was a presidential election season that featured a higher than usual quotient of deception and distortion, frankly crying out for a critical, independent press corps. Behind those two big stories, of course, were myriad other issues that media were called upon to cover–issues of health care and the environment, foreign and domestic policy, economics and labor.

And of course on CounterSpin, we’re also interested in developments in the media industry itself. So we’ll hear a little of that range of issues in this special selection. All that and more on this special edition of CounterSpin.