Jan 4 2008

Best of CounterSpin, 2007


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This week on CounterSpin, a special year-end look behind the headlines of the mainstream news. On this program, we’ll take a look back at some of the stories covered by the corporate media in 2007, but not always covered so well.

As usual CounterSpin tried to bring you guests—activists, researchers and journalists—that had an angle on events that we thought worth hearing and, more often than not, one you weren’t hearing many other places. Our guests responded to media coverage of U.S. foreign policy from Iraq to Darfur, as well as press attention or inattention to domestic issues that also affect all of our lives.

In each case, CounterSpin guests reminded us of the need to look behind the narrow, often distorted dialogue offered by the corporate media, and to seek out and create other venues for the kind of vital, informed conversations that democracy requires.

We’re going to hear from just a few of those voices again on this special Best Of CounterSpin for 2007. We hope you enjoy it.