Dec 30 2011

Best of CounterSpin 2011


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This week we’ll be bringing you just some of the highlights from the past year. We’ve had guests bringing us something other than the usual corporate media line on stories from the Arab Spring to trade policy, from Fukushima to Occupy Wall Street. We try throughout the year to bring listeners information and perspectives that they might not hear elsewhere, that might complicate or even upend the storyline they’re getting from the nightly news.

We do that by relying on a range of activists, artists, researchers, academics and reporters who are as critical as we are of what often passes for conventional wisdom and whose work contributes to the more diverse, vigorous, independent and thoughtful media we would like to see.

We’ll hear just a few of those voices again today, but we’re grateful to all of them for helping inform our understanding of the world as it is and for providing vision of the possibilities of changing it.