Jul 30 2004

Bill Berkowitz on Iraq, Seth Ackerman on the UN oil-for-food ‘scandal’

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This week on CounterSpin: Coalition troops and Iraqis continue to die virtually every day, but the story of the Iraq occupation seems to be moving toward big media’s back burner. Is that not just helpful to the administration, but part of their strategy? CounterSpin will talk with workingforchange columnist Bill Berkowitz about White House hopes to drive the occupation ‘underground’.

Also on the show: NY Times columnist William Safire has called it “the costliest financial rip off in history.” The UN oil-for-food ‘scandal’ has been a favorite of the right-wing media for months. But is there any substance to the allegations of bribery and corruption at the UN? CounterSpin will ask Seth Ackerman, a contributing writer to FAIR’s magazine Extra!.

An Occupation by Any Other Name, by Bill Berkowitz (WorkingForChange.com, 7/27/04).