May 27 2011

Bill McKibben on climate and extreme weather, Allison Kilkenny on protest movements


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This week on CounterSpin: The deadliest tornado in decabes swept through Missouri, the latest example of what seem to be unusually volatile weather patterns around the world. But when it comes to discussing extreme weather, one thing media don’t want to dwell on is climate change. Environmental activist and author Bill McKibben wrote in the Washington Post about the detached way in which our strange new weather is discussed. He’ll join us to talk about it.

Also on CounterSpin today, there are more protests against austerity politics around the country—and more media silence. It’s hard not to conclude that citizens rising up to protect workers rights and public schools just aren’t considered as newsworthy as whatever it is a few Tea Party activists are doing on any given day. Independent journalist Allison Kilkenny thinks there’s a story here, and she’ll join us to talk about what she’s been covering.


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