Nov 2 2012

Bill McKibben on climate catastrophes, Diane Ravitch on education & the election

This week: A Hurricane Sandy-interrupted edition of the show. With travel and power problems in New York City, this week we bring you two recent interviews from the CounterSpin archives. First up a look at the press and catastrophic climate change with journalist and long-time climate activist Bill McKibben of McKibben joined us in May of 2011 to talk about how leery the corporate media were of linking extreme weather events to climate change. We saw some of the same tendencies in the coverage of Hurricane Sandy. BusinessWeek magazine’s new cover is blunt: It’s Global Warming, Stupid. Will that be the new normal in the corporate media, or a notable exception?

Also this week: With the election upon us, we’re very aware of the campaigns’ efforts to differentiate the two major party candidates. But one major issue where the candidates’ views overlap is education policy. What are the questions journalists should have been asking about so-called education reform? Education historian and writer Diane Ravitch of New York University joined us earlier this year to talk about that.