Dec 10 2004

Bob Dreyfuss on intelligence reform, Seth Ackerman on Social Security

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If you’ve been following the news out of Washington, you know that some sort of intelligence “reform” sailed through both houses of Congress. But what you probably don’t know is what it all means. So what should we know– and perhaps fear– about the massive changes to intelligence practices? And why is the press ignoring the details? We’ll ask veteran journalist Bob Dreyfuss.

Also this week: George Bush has big plans for solving the Social Security crisis by partially privatizing the system. But is Social Security really in crisis, and who would benefit from Bush’s plan? Extra! contributing writer Seth Ackerman will join us to talk about the so-called crisis and Bush’s supposed remedy.


Bob Dreyfuss’s blog: The Dreyfuss Report

FAIR’s resources on Social Security and the media, by Seth Ackerman et al