Jul 13 2007

Bob Dreyfuss on Iraqi politics, Ken Silverstein on ‘Their Men in Washington’


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This week on CounterSpin: the political debate over the Iraq War is heating up in Washington again, as the White House attempts to shore up support for continuing the occupation and some Democrats are vowing to press harder to end the war. Absent from much of the media coverage, though, is an understanding of Iraqi politics. We’ll talk to journalist Robert Dreyfuss about the question the press isn’t asking about Iraq.

Also on CounterSpin today: the power and influence of lobbyists is one of the most important stories in Washington without a doubt. So how come when a reporter went undercover to investigate these firms and their dealings, all the pundits want to talk about is the ethics of the reporter’s methods? We’ll talk to veteran investigative journalist Ken Silverstein about his exposé of lobbyists, and the press corps reaction.


— “The media’s tragic misunderstanding of Iraqi domestic politics,” by Bob Dreyfuss (Nieman Watchdog, 7/9/07)

— “Their Men in Washington,” by Ken Silverstein (Harper’s, July 2007)