Oct 31 2008

Bob Dreyfuss on Syria airstrike, Wally Bowen on ‘white spaces’


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This week on CounterSpin: The election is not over as we record this show, but no matter who wins, the Iraq War was largely a second-tier issue for the media, more of a discussion of the past than the present. Not even the war spilling over into Syria seemed enough to push the war back into the campaign spotlight. We’ll ask national security reporter Bob Dreyfuss for his take on the U.S. attack inside Syria, and what he makes of the current political situation in Iraq itself.

Also on CounterSpin today, the presidential election is not the only vote scheduled for November 4. That’s also the day the FCC is supposed to make a decision on white spaces — those areas of the airwaves that will be left vacant when TV goes digital next February. Should that empty space be gifted to the broadcasters who already own so much, or should they be given back to communities to be used for, among other things, providing wireless internet access to the millions of Americans who still can’t get it? Doesn’t sound like a tough call to us. We’ll hear from Wally Bowen of the Mountain Area Information Network on that story.


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