Jun 11 2004

Bob Parry & Jill Nelson on Reagan’s Legacy

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This week on CounterSpin: As one might’ve predicted, some of it’s just been inane, as when Time magazine said “Reagan gave Reaganism a human face,” but some of the many hours and pages of coverage devoted to former president Ronald Reagan have been downright dangerous in their omissions and distortions of the historical record. What are reporters forgetting or getting wrong? And what does the wave of largely uncritical treatment of Reagan say about the current state of the US press?

We’ll talk with veteran reporter Bob Parry about the Reagan history being left out of the media discussion, and what relations were like between the press corps and the Reagan White House. And we’ll also hear from author Jill Nelson, who’s been concerned in particular with the media’s mis-remembering of Reagan’s impact on civil rights.

Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy, by Robert Parry (Consortiumnews.com, 6/7/04)