Jul 1 2005

Bob Parry on Bush Speech, Mark Cooper on Brand X Case

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This week on CounterSpin: Before George Bush‘s June 28 speech declaring the Iraq war ‘worth it’ and pushing his stay-the-course policies, pundits were pulling for the president to make the case and sell the public on a continuing war. As NBC‘s Tim Russert put hours before the speech, Bush “must steel the resolve of the American people.” We’ll talk to veteran journalist Robert Parry about pundit consensus and the war.

Also this week: How you connect to the internet might be more important than you thought. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Brand X case seems to pave the way for cable companies to retain their broadband monopolies. What does that mean for citizens, and what could it mean for the future of the internet? We’ll ask Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America.


Baiting, Not Debating, by Robert Parry (ConsortiumNews, 6/27/05)

Consumer Federation of America