Jan 7 2011

Bob Parry on GOP ‘info war,’ Nancy Lockhart on Scott sisters


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This week on CounterSpin: the Tea Party takes power in Washington. The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives brought a certain type of political theater—giant gavels, the reading of the Constitution, and John Boehner’s tears. But there is another kind of theater to come, as Republicans vow to launch a variety of investigations of the Obama White House. Robert Parry of Consortium News will join us to talk about how these efforts are likely to play in the press.

Also on CounterSpin today, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour commuted the sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott. The sisters’ case – double life sentences for a robbery in which $11 was taken – shocked just about everyone who heard it, but only some media took an interest. We’ll hear from Nancy Lockhart, the sisters’ longtime advocate, about the role of the press in this story.


–Republicans Aim Info-War at Obama, by Robert Parry (Consortium News, 1/4/11)

Free the Scott Sisters