May 16 2014

Bronwyn Bruton on Nigeria, Ben Lilliston on Trade Policy & Climate

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ABC_NigeriaThis week on the show: The Bring Back Our Girls social media activism is an understandable response to the horrific kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian school girls by the Boko Harum militant group. The story, ignored at first by the US press, is receiving wall-to-wall attention. We’ll talk to Bronwyn Bruton of the Atlantic Council about some of the complexity often missing from that coverage.

_p2a3068Also this week: Some folks thought it odd that Barack Obama chose a Walmart as the place to declare his commitment to clean energy. The behemoth company is known, by many, for its record of climate pollution on a scale a few solar panels won’t fix. But our guest says White House policies promoting energy efficiency and renewables face another formidable obstacle: namely, other White House policies. Ben Lilliston from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy will join us to explain.


–“Nigeria: The Limits of US Assistance,” by Bronwyn Bruton (Atlantic Council, 5/13/14)

–“What Goes Around Comes Around: U.S. Trade Agenda vs. Climate and Green Jobs,” by Ben Lilliston (, 5/13/14)