Jul 18 2008

Charles Knight on Iraq withdrawal, Diana Duarte on global food crisis


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This week on CounterSpin: The idea that we should get U.S. troops out of Iraq is, to hear the media tell it, becoming less attractive by the day. The corporate press also seems to buy the argument that withdrawing U.S. troops would lead to a bloodbath in Iraq. But what would, or could, a withdrawal actually look like? We’ll ask Charles Knight of the Project on Defense Alternatives; he’s helped organize the Task Force for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq, which has produced a report laying out one plan.

Also on CounterSpin today: World leaders at the recent G8 summit in Japan discussed the world food crisis — while they dined on caviar and truffles, thank you very much– but our guest says there’s little evidence they included their own policies among the causes for the current situation. With corporate media following that lead, readers have small chance of getting an inclusive or constructive understanding of what’s going on or what might be done. Diana Duarte is media coordinator for the human rights organization MADRE. We’ll speak with her on coverage of the global food crisis.


Task Force for a Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq