Mar 4 2011

Chuck Collins on U.S. Uncut, Laura Flanders on Wisconsin


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This week on CounterSpin: As politicians of both parties and pundits of various ideological stripes discuss what services and rights need to be cut and stripped from working people, the subject of raising taxes seem almost taboo in corporate media discussions. Not so here. We’ll talk about raising taxes with Chuck Collins, a senior scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, and the co-founder of U.S. Uncut, a network working to stop corporate tax dodging.

Also on the show: It’s not the corporate press keeping the story of Wisconsin alive; people in this country and around the world interested in knowing what’s happening at protests in Madison and elsewhere, and what the underlying issues are, have choices beyond the elite media, many of whom are producing the sorts of stories Scott Walker brags about. How are independent media coming at these events differently, and doesn’t it underscore how much we need them? We’ll talk to author, activist and GritTV host Laura Flanders about the role of the non-corporate press.


U.S. Uncut