Dec 11 2009

Curtis Brainard on ‘Climategate,’ Corie Wright on NBC/Comcast


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This week on CounterSpin: The so-called “Climategate” email scandal seems to have thrown media coverage of climate change back a decade, with news outlets giving warming deniers more or less equal time alongside actual climate scientists. Part of the problem has been the media’s general laziness in explaining what actually was in the hacked emails that are the source of the scandal; Curtis Brainard of Columbia Journalism Review will join us to provide some of that missing context.

Also on the show: the Comcast NBC merger might sound like inside-industry news, but those looking at it carefully say the combining of the country’s biggest cable provider and NBC Universal poses very real and significant threats to the diversity of video content we can get and how much we’ll have to pay for it. We’ll hear that story from Corie Wright, policy counsel at the group Free Press.


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