Feb 24 2006

Dahlia Lithwick on Guantánamo, Sheila Gibbons on Global Media Monitoring Project

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This week on CounterSpin: Recent reports on Guantánamo detainees from the UN Human Rights Commission, Seton Hall University, and National Journal, raise grave questions about everything from whether detainees are being tortured to why many are even being held. Despite these sensational findings the reports have received little attention. We’ll talk to Slate.com editor and legal commentator Dahlia Lithwick about Guantánamo.

Also on the program: The findings of the third Global Media Monitoring Project on women in media are out, and they look depressingly like the findings of the first and second projects—all around the world it seems, you’ll find women underrepresented in stories, marginalized to soft news, presented as victims. So what’s to be done? We’ll hear from Sheila Gibbons, editor of the quarterly Media Report to Women.


Invisible Men: The not-people we’re not holding at Guantánamo Bay, by Dahlia Lithwick (Slate, 2/16/06)

Media Report to Women