May 25 2012

Dana Frank on Honduras, Gary Rivlin on Economic Hardship Reporting Project


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This week on CounterSpin: The story of DEA involvement in the killing of four civilians in Honduras on May 11, provides a compelling opportunity to look at the broader U.S. role in a country that is being torn apart by an escalating drug war. We’ll talk with historian and Honduras-watcher Dana Frank, about what’s happening there and how the media are covering it.

Also on the show: Americans have become used to a media conversation in which the idea that poor people’s problem is that they have too much is deemed a legitimate point of argument, and the best liberal media can muster is the occasional heartrending ‘human interest story’. A new project, using un- and underemployed journalists, aims to fill some of the resulting void. It’s called the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and we’ll talk with project co-editor and author, Gary Rivlin.


–“Honduras: Which Side Is the US On?,” by Dana Frank (The Nation, 5/22/12)

Economic Hardship Reporting Project