May 19 2006

Dave Lindorff on Bush & impeachment, Dean Baker on tax cuts

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This week on CounterSpin: The impeachment of George W. Bush. You’re not likely to hear much about that idea in the media, but is it really beyond the bounds of mainstream media discussion? We’ll talk it over with Dave Lindorff, investigative reporter and co-author of the new book, The Case for Impeachment.

Also on CounterSpin today: George Bush says his tax cuts—”extremely tilted toward the wealthy” as the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy describe them—will actually mean MORE tax revenue for the federal Treasury. Make sense? Well, no, but how did the press do in making that clear? We’ll talk taxes with economist Dean Baker, author of a new book on The Conservative Nanny State.


The Case for Impeachment, by Dave Lindorff

The Conservative Nanny State, by Dean Baker