Jul 4 2014

Dave Zirin on World Cup, Sarah Jaffe on Supreme Court

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zirin-coverThis week on CounterSpin: Much of the world is tuned into the World Cup. And while the drama on the field is on our TV screens, what about the wrenching political and economic upheaval in host country Brazil that has inspired millions to protest? That’s the World Cup story Dave Zirin has been reporting; he’ll join us to talk about it.

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hobbylobby-e1396012499468Also this week: The Supreme Court rulings in Hobby Lobby and Harris, though reportedly narrow, may have far-reaching impacts–particularly for working women. We’ll talk with Sarah Jaffe of In These Times.

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Brazil’s Dance With the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics and the Fight for Democracy, by Dave Zirin (Haymarket Books)

–“Why Harris and Hobby Lobby Spell Disaster for Working Women,” by Sarah Jaffe (In These Times, 6/30/14)