Jun 15 2007

David Bryden on Bush & AIDS funding, Lew Koch on Padilla trial


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This week on CounterSpin: perhaps it was because both Democrats and Republicans supported it, perhaps it was just an eagerness to tell some good news, but mainstream media were all together in cheering the Bush White House’s renewed commitment to fighting AIDS. The only trouble was, the key numbers at the center of the conversation turn out to be not as they appear. We’ll talk with David Bryden of the Global AIDS Alliance about that “Bush doubles AIDS funding” storyline.

Also this week: the trial of Jose Padilla is underway, but the not-quite-a-dirty-bomber’s case is hardly getting any press attention. The media might be saying that there’s little to report, but veteran reporter Lew Koch thinks otherwise. He’s been following the case for years and is covering the trial for the website Firedoglake—he’ll join us to explain what the case really tells us about the media and the White House’s war on terror.


Bush AIDS Proposal Important Step, but Not Doubling of Current Funding, by David Bryden (Global AIDS Alliance, 5/30/07)

— Lew Koch’s Padilla trial coverage at Firedoglake