Feb 3 2006

David Cole on NSA spying, Anthony Fenton on Haiti elections

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This week on CounterSpin: A White House propaganda campaign to sell its warrantless NSA domestic spying to the American people is in high gear, and some are taking the bait. Media discussions focusing on polls and the program’s popularity abound, while discussions of its constitutionality are hard to find. David Cole, professor at Georgetown University Law school will join us to talk about the NSA program.

Also on the show: The New York Times ran a big piece on Haiti recently that looked like acknowledgment of U.S. political meddling in the country, where elections are scheduled for next week. But was the story less than meets the eye? We’ll hear from author and journalist Anthony Fenton about what you aren’t reading about democracy in Haiti.


NSA Spying Myths by David Cole (The Nation, 2/2/06)