May 4 2007

David Enders on Iraq, Harut Sassounian on LAT and Armenian genocide


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This week on CounterSpin: the domestic debate over Iraq is dominating the headlines, usually characterized as a “showdown” between Congress and the White House over Democratic calls to withdraw U.S. troops. The stalemate leaves many reporters asking the question, “What’s next?” But in the midst of the partisan scrum on Capitol Hill, what’s actually happening in Iraq? Freelance journalist David Enders will join us to share his thoughts.

Also this week: the genocide by Turks against Armenians in 1915 is still making news. A dispute erupted recently at the Los Angeles Times when managing editor Douglas Frantz spiked a report by veteran Times reporter Mark Arax. Claiming Arax had a conflict of interest, Frantz killed the Armenian American journalist’s report about pending congressional legislation that officially designate the 1915 massacres of Armenians as “genocide.” Harut Sassounian, the publisher of the California Courier, an Armenian American newspaper on the West Coast, will join us with the latest on that.


Baghdad Bulletin: Dispatches on the American Occupation, by David Enders

Los Angeles Times Must Dismiss Managing Editor Douglas Frantz, Harut Sassounian (California Courier, 4/07)