Mar 29 2013

David Moon on Aaron’s Law, Beth Schwartzapfel on Prison Access

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Aaron Swartz (cc photo: Doc Searls)

Aaron Swartz (cc photo: Doc Searls)

This week on CounterSpin: Internet activists are trying to rein in abusive aspects of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA, with a law dubbed “Aaron’s Law”–named in honor of activist Aaron Swartz. But new developments in the House threaten to make the law even more abusive. We’ll talk with David Moon from the group Swartz founded, Demand Progress.


Razor wire (cc photo by Martin)

cc photo by Martin

Also on the show: With millions of Americans in prison, and seemingly more each day, one might imagine that what goes on in prison would be a topic for sustained journalistic inquiry. Yet there are only a handful of reporters who make “corrections” their regular concern. Is that prisons’ fault or reporters? An article in the current issue of Columbia Journalism Review discusses coverage of prisons; we’ll talk with its author, journalist Beth Schwartzapfel.


–“Demand Justice for Aaron Swartz,” Demand Progress

–Beth Schwartzapfel, “Inside Stories,” CJR (3/1/13)