Oct 19 2012

David Roberts on coal, Julianne Hing on affirmative action

This week on CounterSpin: If you were unnerved to see Democratic and Republican presidential candidates competing over which was a bigger fan of coal, you weren’t alone. What did that, along with the echoing silence on climate change, signify about the role of energy in this election? We’ll talk with David Roberts, staff writer at Grist.

Also on CounterSpin today: Is affirmative action in danger? The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on October 10 in case involving a white student who didn’t get into the University of Texas; she thinks the school’s affirmative action policies are to blame. The Court will rule next year, but the narrowing of the legal rationale for affirmative action impacts our understanding of what those policies and programs mean. We’ll talk to Julianne Hing from Colorlines about the affirmative action discussion we’re having, and the one we should be having.