Sep 3 2004

David Swanson on overtime pay, Jason Leopold on Halliburton

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In an election season in which we’re told the economy is key, how did what amounts to the biggest pay cut in history fly under mainstream media’s radar? The Bush administration changes in overtime rules, which will mean less take-home for millions of U.S. workers, have been on big business’ wish list for years, and have already been debated in both houses of Congress — yet media’s reaction could perhaps best be summed up: “Huh?” David Swanson of the International Labor Communications Association will fill us in on the important story big media bungled.

Also on the show: Freelance journalist Jason Leopold says the story of Dick Cheney’s tenure as Halliburton chief, featuring creative Enronesque accounting, is the stuff that Pulitzer Prize stories are made of, but, he says, no mainstream journalist has the nerve to dig into the story. Leopold will join CounterSpin to talk about Dick Cheney’s corporate scandal.

A Media Blackout: Media Miss Story of Biggest Pay Cut in U.S. History, bu David Swanson (, 8/27/04)
How Dick Cheney got away with $35 million just ahead of a government probe into Halliburton, by Jason Leopold (Online Journal, 8/20/04)